History Units
  - Geography
  - Alaska's Cultures
  - Russia's Colony
  - America's Territory
  - Governing Alaska
  - Modern Alaska

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Regional History
The Alaska History & Cultural Studies Curriculum Project was funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, through the office of Senator Ted Stevens, to the Alaska Humanities Forum. The Forum wishes to thank all of those individuals who have assisted in the development of this course. You have helped to make Alaska history!
  • Greg Kimura, Ph.D. (Cantab.), President (2006 - Present)
    Ira Perman, President (2003 - 2006)

    Alaska Humanities Forum

  • Marjorie Menzi, Project Director
    AK History & Cultural Studies Curriculum Project

  • Project Advisory Committee

    Jo Antonson
    Judy Bittner
    Doreen Brown
    Brenda Campen
    Carol Comeau
    Linda Evans
    Steve Ex
    Governor Jay Hammond
    Dr. Steve Haycox
    Rhonda Hickok
    Frank Hill
    Dr. Shirley Holloway
    Bryant Hopkins
    Esther Ilutsik
    Pat Jackson
    Representative Mary Kapsner
    Krystal C. Kompkoff
    Dr. Edna Lamebull
    Lt. Gov. Loren Leman
    Matt Moon
    Paul Ongtooguk
    Dr. Roger Pearson
    Malcolm Roberts
    Sarah Scanlan
    Teri Schneider
    Senator Gary Stevens
    Judge Tom Stewart
    Louie Yannotti

  • Alaska Humanities Forum AK History Subcommittee
    Carol Comeau
    Esther Ilutsik
    Senator Gary Stevens

  • Classroom Teacher Committee
    Brenda Campen
    Cristine Crooks
    Kurt Dzinich
    Rhonda Hickok

  • Web site by Lucid Reverie
    Pat Race
    Aaron Suring
    Jason Alexander
    Sarah Asper-Smith
    Lou Logan
    Clint Carlson
    Devin Chalmers

  • Unit Narratives & Teacher's Guide
    Annie Calkins, Editor

  • Unit Authors
    Jo Antonson, America's Territory
    Dermot Cole, Governming Alaska
    Dr. Steve Haycox, Russia's Colony, Modern Alaska
    Paul Ongtooguk, Alaska's Cultures
    Dr. Roger Pearson, Geography of Alaska

  • Lesson Plans
    Brenda Campen
    Bobbie Lowden
    Jody Smothers Marcello
    Paul Ongtooguk
    Ray Voley
    50th Anniversary of Statehood Lessons: Brenda Campen and Ray Voley

  • Assessment
    Debbie Treece

  • High School Student Focus Group
    Peter Apolodak
    Jennifer Chambers
    Rebecca Church
    Michael Heumann
    Bryant Hopkins
    Clarissa King
    Michelle Snyder
    Dawn Ubben

  • Anchorage School District
    Carol Comeau, Superintendent
    Steve Ex
    Terry Jorgensen
    Patricia Partnow

  • Support Assistance
    Terrence Cole, Historian
    Cristine Crooks, Education Consultant
    Michele Horn, Alaska Humanities Forum
    Bruce Parham, Regional Archives, Alaska/Pacific Region
    Dr. Will Schneider, UAF
    Kay Shelton, Alaska State Library
    Jim Simard, Alaska State Library

  • Copyright Permissions
    Alaska Conservation Foundation, A Guide to Alaska's Cultures
    Alaska Historical Commission, Alaska's Heritage & Alaska's Past, Regional Perspectives
    Alaska Humanities Forum & Institute of Social & Economic Research, Trends in Alaska
    Alaska Legislative Affairs Agency, Capitol Tour video
    Alaska Native Heritage Center, Alaska Native Cultures
    Alaska Railroad
    Anchorage Daily News, newspaper articles
    Anchorage School District, Alaska Studies course
    Chris Cuava, Aleut Evacuation
    Nora Marks Dauenhauer and Richard Dauenhauer, Russian Reader, "Battles of Sitka, 1802 and 1804" (A new version of the Andrews and Hopkins narratives are being retranslated and will be available in late 2005.)
    Juneau Empire, Between Worlds, newspaper articles
    Steve Jackstadt and Lee Huskey, Adventures in the Alaska Economy
    Hannah Mittson, King Havenner Bill of 1940
    Jeff Silverman, Elizabeth Paratovich video
    KTOO Juneau, A Constitution for Alaska video
    Patricia Partnow, Russian Reader (selected readings)


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