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History Units
  - Geography
  - Alaska's Cultures
  - Russia's Colony
  - America's Territory
  - Governing Alaska
  - Modern Alaska

Related Stories
  - Things to Know - AK’s Economy (Power Point)
  - Between Worlds
  - Dividing AK, 1867-2000: Changing Land Ownership & Management
  - Trends in Alaska

Field Trips
  - Visit the Alaska State Museum
  - Ride the Alaska Railroad

In the News
  - State pursues ownership of Salcha River
  - Bidders dig deep for rights in NPR-A
  - Volunteer helps Anchorage's growing Hmong population integrate

Teacher's Guide

Regional History
Teacher's Guide
Education and Cultural Self Determination

Enduring Understandings

Western education has been a mixed legacy for Alaska Native cultures i.e., it has been both an opportunity and a means of assimilation.

Estimated Time:

Two class periods

Materials needed:

Alaska's Cultures - Essay: Education & Cultural Self Determination

Education & Cultural Self Determination Chart

Lesson Plan:

  • Ask students to select and locate various sources according to the chart that follows. Students will read/listen to the material and take notes on the focus questions provided. All of the sources listed below can be found on the Alaskool web site.

Alaska Standards:

History: A, B, C, D
Culture: A, B, D
AK History: AH. PPE 2, AH. CC 2, AH. ICG 8, AH. CC 3, AH. CC 5


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