Instructional Guide for History Units

This portion of the Teacher's Guide includes the enduring understandings, essential questions and lesson plans related to each unit. The enduring understandings and essential questions are those identified as most important by the historians who authored the units.

The lessons follow a common format as follows:

  • Enduring understanding(s) associated with the lesson;
  • Estimated time periods;
  • Materials needed;
  • Steps for implementing the lesson;
  • Alaska geography, history, and cultural content standards and Alaska history performance standards associated with the lesson; and
  • A lesson assessment strategy and/or rubric.

The guide suggests the number of weeks which might be devoted to each unit for a total of seventeen weeks as outlined below. Given the time period available to an individual teacher/class, teachers may elect to modify the time allocation suggested. Those who are teaching Alaska history for more than one semester will want to increase the number of weeks spent on each unit.

Geography 1 week
Alaska's Cultures 3 weeks
Russia's Colony 1 week
America's Territory 4 weeks
Governing Alaska 3 weeks
Modern Alaska 5 weeks
  Total 17 weeks

There are numerous lesson plans associated with each unit. A variety of lessons and teaching strategies are presented with the expectation that the teacher will select lessons that meet the needs of the students. Intentionally, there are more lessons than can be taught in the suggested weeks or in a semester course.