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  - State pursues ownership of Salcha River
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  - Volunteer helps Anchorage's growing Hmong population integrate

Teacher's Guide

Regional History
Teacher's Guide

Enduring Understandings

The discovery of North America's largest single oil deposit at Prudhoe Bay in 1967 transformed Alaska as no other force in its history.

Estimated Time:

Five class sessions

Materials needed:

Course links to Modern Alaska, Oil Discovery and Development

Lesson Plan:

  1. Have students read the Modern Alaska unit narrative, Oil Discovery and Development in Alaska.
  2. Have students interview Alaskans with various experiences in Alaska during the building of the pipeline. A question being asked: What impacts did you see on Alaska before, during and after the building of the Trans Alaska Pipeline?
  3. Students should consult the Smithsonian Folklife and Oral History Interviewing Guide on line at It offers many ideas and interviewing techniques. A variety of forms, Interview Release Form, Interview Information Form, Interview Context, Tape Log, and Photo Log are available through this site at The Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
  4. Compile the stories/interviews from the interviews and print an "Eye Witness to the History of the Trans Alaska Pipeline" booklet to share with the local or school library.

Alaska Standards:

History: A, B, C, D
AK History: AH. CPD 5, AH. CC 5


Students will be assessed according to the methods/suggestions followed from the Smithsonian Folklore and Oral History Guide, or of the teacher's choice.


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