Alaska Native Languages

"Our languages are reflections of our worldviews which are shaped by the natural and supernatural environment in which we live.” - Edna Ahgeak MacLean

Paġlagivsi! Cama'i! Naghe Nduninyu!

Welcome to the Alaska History and Cultural Studies' chapter on Alaska Native Languages!

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Please click the first section to read more about Alaska Native Languages and History or skip to the sections on Inuit-Yupik-Unangax Languages, Dené (Athabascan) Languages or Southeast Alaska Languages to learn more and listen to some common phrases. Enjoy!

Qagaasakung, Quyana, Quyanaq, Quyanaa, Haw'aa, Way Dankoo, Gunalchéesh, Tsinaen, Dogedinh, Mahsi', Baasee', Chin'an, Tsin'ee, Thank you!

The images and maps are courtesy of the Alaska Native Language Archive

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